Productions I have been a part of:
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Panda Bear in Africa   2023 · Movie
Junior Pipeline Technical Director at Katuni Animation
Amsterdam - semi remote
Working on the technical pipeline side for the animated movie "Panda Bear in Africa," a co-production with the Danish studio AFilms. My responsibilities include:

・Maintaining and updating an ongoing animation pipeline.
・Setting up Shotgrid for animated film production.
・Tool development in Autodesk Maya.
・Writing and maintaining documentation.

Nountown   2021 · VR Video Game
Freelance Character Artist for RealiaXR
London - remote

Working with the team at RealiaXR, I was responsible for the design and 3D modelling of a few in-game characters as a freelancer when the game was still earlier in development.
Stressjam   2019 · VR Video Game
(Intern) 3D & Concept Artist at Kana
Leeuwarden - in studio

Making art assets for the Virtual Reality game Stressjam. With a focus on game GUI art, concept art, 3D modelling & texturing, working with the technical limitations of VR