Maxine Meijboom
Software developer, graphics programmer, tech-art, tools development and 3D modelling.

What I have professional experience in:
・ Unity scriptable-render-pipeline (SRP).
・ Game optimization
・ Animation production pipeline.
・ Setting up Shotgrid for film production.
・ Tool development in Autodesk Maya.
・ 3D character art for games.

Tools I feel comfortable with:
・ C/C++, C#
・ OpenGL
・ Python, Lua, Mel
・ Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Blender
・ Adobe Substance, Photoshop, Illustrator
・ SDL, Godot, Defold, Unity.

Opportunities I'm interested in:
・ 3D rendering engineering.
・ Pipeline development.
・ Animation engineering.
・ Technical art.
・ Native app development.

Things I dabble in:
・ Realtime 3D rendering engines.
・ Shader coding.
・ Houdini simulation & procedural modelling.
・ Small personal game dev projects.
・ Modding my favourite games.
Hi, I'm Maxine, a software developer and 3D artist from the Netherlands, with a huge passion for 3D graphics, rendering engines, mathematics and optimization.
Having started as a freelancer in 3D game art and moving more towards programming as time goes on, I see myself as a software engineer who can bridge gaps between art and code.

My current focus is mostly on C++ & Python for graphics programming and tool development for artists.
In my free time I like to work on graphics programming, 3D art, DCC scripts and making games. My aim is to better learn the technology used in Games/Film and apply my mix of technical and artistic skills in production, and to develop 3D technology & production tools for others to use!